montaje bonemodels italia - BoneModels has recently been present in Florence (Italy)

Dott. Filippo Fontana, Dentistry and Oral Surgery specialist, were working with our U045 BoneModel in the event Osteology in Florence.

The hands-on workshop was about horizontal bone regeneration with resorbable membrane.
The workshop was a great success. Fontana told us: “The participants were very impressed and happy to practice on BoneModels”.

Taking everything into consideration, BoneModels is satisfied to can improve the quality of training, research and knowledge in the dental sector. BoneModels is working to be an international leader in the design and manufacture of anatomical models, brand Spain, similar to the reality and customized through excellence. Likeness, customization, innovation & creativity, centrality in the customer, as well as usability & ergonomics are the BoneModels values.

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