promo bonemodels calculos - Calculous BoneModels

BoneModels present 8 new models for periodontist and dental hygienists. 4 maxillae and 4 mandibles ideal for these doctors can participate in different workshops and hands-on with anatomical buccal models in the area of periodontics. The main features of these models are:

  • Different degrades of periodontal disease.
  • Different degrades of bone lost.
  • Different type of furcations.
  • Subgingival calculous to be removed.
  • Tissue could be open and sutured.
  • Possibility of purchasing the soft tissue to be replaced

The BoneModels are designed by Dr. Fernando Rojas Vizcaya and manufactured in a process that combines the industrialization and the handmade in Castellón (Spain). Also we can customize and improve any model that our customer has in mind.

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