wax modelling - Courses such as "Wax modelling, adhesion and advanced composite stratification" with BoneModels

U-074 has been the model chosen to practice the knowledge acquired

Dr Mateo Bruñó Fábrega has trained in Córdoba (Spain) “Wax modelling, adhesion and advanced composite stratification, Theoretical and Practical course”. He has work with U-074: Maxillary model with Ivorine teeth; both centrals and both laterals. Ideal for teeth preparation for veneers or/and crowns. Teeth are removable and replaceable. Soft tissue allow for retraction cord placement.

An upper first molar was modelled with wax, an indirect composite onlay was performed with the semidirect technic and a composite restoration veneer class IV was made in the BoneModel using the trendy layering technique. These were the works made by the participants during the practice.

Thanks for trusting us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kU_MO99i2Yo

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