pizarra - 5 Facts About Experiential Learning Through Anatomical Models

Experiential Learning is getting more and more popular. We show you why.

Let’s be honest: we all know what listening to a boring speech is. We feel like those distant words have nothing to do with us, so we start feeling somehow sleepy at the same time we feel guilty about missing something important. Why is it so? Because there is no experience in it, which makes us feel in a wait-and-see approach. And that’s why Experiential Learning is so important today.

Traditional Learning

Boredom: that big mistake.


However, the archetype of student has changed. Most of them are Millenials, and that means that they are no longer silent, they have many other knowledge sources, they receive thousands of audio-visual impacts per day (which are very attractive for them) and, above all, they do not necessarily perceive the professor as an authority figure. For all that, we need to reconsider how to face our educational proposal. We need to give them an attractive performance. The speaker is much more than that, today. He/she needs to seduce, to propose something original and interesting, etc.

Experiential Learning and Aesthetic Experience.

Experiential Learning means Learning by Playing.


For that purpose, many resources are allowed: debates, audio-visual tools, the Internet, roll-playing and any little thing that turn the student into the real and principal character. The students need to experience any idea or concept by themselves. They need to learn through an Aesthetic Experience. There is no other way.

Experiential Learning is not that easy to achieve when we talk about Oral Surgery hands-on workshops

Above all, Experiential Learning is not that easy to achieve when we talk about Oral Surgery hands-on workshops. There are some restrictive laws out there, or no patients available, or even the student’s fear itself, and I could go on. Fortunately, we have these amazing and realistic anatomical models that provide a strong experience to the student!

Here are some of our top five facts about Experiential Learning through anatomical models:


  1. First of all, you won’t waste your breath. Literally: as a professor, you do not need to use so many words to express an idea. Just show it. They are very smart, so they will get it quickly.
  2. Also, they will lose the fear. It’s not that easy to face a real patient for the first time, even though you have the whole theory. If you have practiced through a realistic model, you have some background at least.
  3. Experiencing the problems by themselves. They will wish to find the solution or, in other words, they will have a true thirst of knowledge. Think about it. The most powerful tool we have for them to learn is the doubt.
  4. It is funny! When you make things with your own hands you feel like you play a leading role. And that makes you want more and more, for sure.
  5. This single professor becomes a star. Yes, and this is because not everyone is brave enough to give freedom (even if it sounds rare to you) to the students.
profesor 300x216 - 5 Facts About Experiential Learning Through Anatomical Models

This single professor becomes a star

Therefore, next time you face your students, just ask yourself if they are on the same wavelength as you. Think about how you would like to learn something: some words or an Experiential Learning experience? Now it’s up to you! Check our anatomical models here and let’s improve your student’s experience.

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