The passage of BoneModels through the FDI 2017 of Madrid reinforces our idea that we need to keep working in order to behance the education for our youngsters.

Modelo anatómico


Dr. González approached the BoneModels stand during the last FDI 2017 in Madrid. He smiled to himself as he glanced at one of our anatomical models, specifically U-029A (a partially edentulous maxilla, with perfect sockets in both centrals).

-Good morning- said the Doctor.

-Good morning, how can I help you? -we just answered while Dr. Gonzalez palpated the jaw.

-This is perfect for my students to lose their fear of surgery -he said.

And right there we knew that our passage through Madrid’s FDI 2017 had been a success. So we convinced that we help the next generation of oral surgeons to be better and more competitive. Priceless!

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