5years bm - BoneModels meets 5 years with presence in more than 50 countries

The customisation and the likeness to reality are its competitive advantage

BoneModels’s birthday The Spanish company of maxillary and mandibular anatomical models for dental training began its career in 2011 with the aim of becoming what it is today: a company that designs and manufactures similar to reality and measure bone models for pharmaceuticals companies, biomaterials companies, doctors, training centres and universities around the world.

As explained by its President and founder, Dr. Fernando Rojas-Vizcaya “all arose from the need to find models similar to the reality and be able to apply all the techniques and oral treatments as if we were working with a real patient”. BoneModels has established itself as the most hygienic and useful market alternative.

Lucía Pallarés, managing director of the company, said that the company will continue working, innovating and improving day by day thanks to contributions from doctors and specialist in this medical field. “The future expectations are positive, each day more doctors are seeking these types of bone models”.

With BoneModels your workshops never will be the same.

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