BoneModels has visited ExpoDental 2016

This fair was held in Madrid in March, 10 to 12th BoneModels has visited the stands interested in maxillary and mandibular models such as implant companies, training centres and universities. Lucía Pallarés and Arantxa Monlleó showed the novelties of the company and took up all the demands of the sector to be able to offer […]

BoneModels meets 5 years with presence in more than 50 countries

The customisation and the likeness to reality are its competitive advantage BoneModels’s birthday The Spanish company of maxillary and mandibular anatomical models for dental training began its career in 2011 with the aim of becoming what it is today: a company that designs and manufactures similar to reality and measure bone models for pharmaceuticals companies, […]

BoneModels participates in national and international events during 2016

Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Marbella have been some of the visited cities BoneModels takes stock of events in which the company has participated during this 2016. From Berlin to Marbella via Paris, Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia a tour where it has been presenting all its new models of oral bone to practice different […]

Seven steps to get the best customized BoneModel for your hands-on workshop

BoneModels has developed 30 new models during 2015 for key opinion leaders and sector companies BoneModels has developed and customized for 30 key opinion leaders, 16 maxillae and 14 mandibles, during the previous year 2015. These main features was explained to BoneModels and the company designed the best models for their workshops. What do you […]

Ivorine teeth BoneModels

BoneModels present 2 new models for prosthodontist restorative dentist. 1 maxilla and 1 mandible ideal for these doctors can participate in different workshop and hands-on with anatomical buccal models in the area aesthetic dentistry. The main features of these models are: Models with 14 ivorine teeth. Teeth can be prepared. Teeth can be replaced. One […]

BoneModels has recently been present in Florence (Italy)

Dott. Filippo Fontana, Dentistry and Oral Surgery specialist, were working with our U045 BoneModel in the event Osteology in Florence. The hands-on workshop was about horizontal bone regeneration with resorbable membrane. The workshop was a great success. Fontana told us: “The participants were very impressed and happy to practice on BoneModels”. Taking everything into consideration, […]