U-039A: Partially edentulous maxilla with left lateral with reduced MesioDistal space for small diameter implant and 3 mm ridge in right side for splint.

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-Partially edentulous maxilla.
-Socket in left central with dehiscence.
-Right central with root canal, periapical lession, cyst and facial marginal bone defect. Missing right lateral with reduced MD space for small diameter implant. -Model with one sinus and Schneider membrane.
-3 mm ridge in right side for splint and with periosteum in this area.
-Left sinus with 3 mm bone in the floor.

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Cancellous bone, Cortical bone, Dehiscence, Fixed teeth (same structure of the bone), One sinus and Schneider membrane, Partially edentulous, Periosteum, Removable teeth (different bone structure), Screw to be fixed, Sockets, Soft tissue – Gingiva, Teeth with internal ducts, Teeth without internal ducts, Teeth, different color bone, Teeth, same color bone


Bone Splint – Bone Expansion, Periapical Surgery – Retrograde surgery, Removal teeth or wisdom teeth extraction – Extraction teeth, Root canal, Sinus lift – Sinus elevation, Socket preservation technique, Soft tissue Graft – Connective tissue graft, To be sutured, To place implants – Implant placement, To place single implant – Single Implant placement

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