Dr. Kristina Bertl or What It’s Like to Be a Young Talent

When Dr. Kristina Bertl came over BoneModels, we were shocked by the energy, determination and the way she delved into details when communicating how her new customized model should look like. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Vienna in 2015 and specializes in Periodontology while working at the Department of Periodontology in Malmö (Sweden). Also, she is one […]

Sinus Lift Surgery through a BoneModel

It is not in vain that one of our star products is the Sinus Lifter, as it is the most demanded one. Thus, we need to conclude that the Sinus Lift Surgery represents one of the biggest threats in the eyes of trainees and teachers. Such a surgery certainly involves some different elements that may […]

How do BoneModels Anatomical Models Benefit Educational Innovation?

Educational Innovation will play an increasingly important role in our society, which demands employees with skills like good communication capabilities or critical thinking. Namely, we are going to need people who formulate problems and questions accurately. People who are able to use abstract ideas, who think openmindedly and figure out solutions to new problems. This […]

5 Facts About Experiential Learning Through Anatomical Models

Experiential Learning is getting more and more popular. We show you why. Let’s be honest: we all know what listening to a boring speech is. We feel like those distant words have nothing to do with us, so we start feeling somehow sleepy at the same time we feel guilty about missing something important. Why […]