How do BoneModels Anatomical Models Benefit Educational Innovation?

Educational Innovation will play an increasingly important role in our society, which demands employees with skills like good communication capabilities or critical thinking. Namely, we are going to need people who formulate problems and questions accurately. People who are able to use abstract ideas, who think openmindedly and figure out solutions to new problems. This […]

U-046 BoneModel feedback from Taiwan

Some of our customers around the world send us their impression about our products This is just an example: “Dr. Huang would like to send a great feedback from the latest U-046 bonemodels he ordered.  Very good bone density for the workshop!  Thank you very much for

BoneModels presents its new website!

BoneModels can fabricate any type and any quantity of custom and tailor-made models BoneModels anticipates the future with a new website, update and more intuitive We invite you to navigate through the new “site” that will facilitate you to find the best model for the dental training education. We are gladly to offer you a […]